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Proximity Communications Nigeria
Commercial Call Center Facility

Design & Admin / 2012


Proximity Communications Nigeria Limited needed a modernized compact state-of-the-art call center to handle its rapidly growing client-facing business in Lagos, Nigeria.

I was contracted to research, design, deploy & maintenance this project. I also designed & deployed their enterprise network infrastructure and optimized & integrated this project to their corporate network.


Proximity Communications Nigeria

Tools & Services:

SWYQ, Networking, Hardware, Windows 7, Netgear, VOIP, IP-PBX, Management, Leadership

Project Link:

On-Site (Client Head Office)

Brief & Idea.

Proximity Communications Nigeria needed to strengthen ties with its enterprise clients while staying ahead of its competitors in their industry space.

With a modernize & easy to deploy, run & manage on-location call center, running campaigns

and support their clients customers would reduce cost by up to 38% and improve efficiency and marketing for their clients by up to 60%


After 4 weeks of planning, designing & deployment, I successfully launched a fully functional 10-seater call-center at Proximity Communications Nigeria Limited head office at Ogba Lagos, Nigeria.

Bleeding-edge technologies (as at 2009) were used to build this project. I delivered on all requirements by clients and more.
This project is still fully functional and managed by Proximity Communications Nigeria.

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